Rayon thread from Guterman.
Rayon thread from Guterman.


Q: Why did you choose the name ’40 Stitches’?
A: When I decided to start persuing embroidery as a source of income a lot of the designs I was stitching had 30,000 stitches or more.  But that just doesn’t sound so good!  So I chose 40 Stitches for simplicity’s sake.

Q: What kind of products are there?

A: Almost anything you can imagine.  I can embroider on a wide variety of blanks – towels, aprons, t-shirts, bags or I can sew the products from scratch, like most of my pillows.  I also do free-motion embroidery – it looks more hand-drawn and results in very unique products.  Plus, I love to quilt!  So I can offer you simple quilts like baby quilts or make you a memory quilt from old t-shirts or other old clothing.  If you don’t have enough old clothes for a quilt, then you can order a pillow case.

Q: How long does it take after I order something?

A: Usually I can finish a machine embroidered product within a week.  However, if I have to order the blank, then it can take a little bit longer.  For quilts and pillowcases out of old clothes you need to plan ahead – a pillowcase can be done in about a week, but a whole quilt might take up to 6 weeks.

Q: Is it possible to have a design digitized?

A: Generally, yes.  Of course it depends on the design.  The size of the embroidered area is limited by the frame (no wider than 15 cm / 6 in) and embroidery in general has some limitations.  For example, I will often recommend an applique (fabric sewn to the blank product) instead of creating a huge embroidered area that is as stiff as cardboard

Q: Can I still wash the textile product despite the embroidery or applique?

A: Yes.  If you were able to wash the textile product before, then you can wash it after it has been embroidered.  Sometimes an embroidered product will look better if you press it with an iron for a moment, but usually it’s sufficient if you dry it while it is lying flat.